Psychic Jungle


IYEZ is an amorphous beast, seeking only rock and roll in its most free and natural state.

The band seems to shun boundaries—drifting between blasted-out punk, heavy caveman

dirges, and dreamy psychedelic drones. Together they harness a hypnotizing

blend of howling and melodic vocals, searing attacks, and deep, dense rhythms.


IYEZ releases include a noisy, loop-dense, low-fi self-titled EP from 2010, followed in

2011 by Smoke Signals—a big, lurching monster of a record full of echo-dripping sound

collages, pounding boom-rock, and anxiety-filled punk.  In 2013 IYEZ released Psychic

Jungle, an explosive mind-fuck of rock and roll that digs deeper into the band’s

psyche—dark, confident, free—and all wrapped up in a hypnotic blanket of fuzz.  

The band’s latest release is WOR$HIP, a 4-song EP dual-released by Brooklyn’s Colonel

Records and Sinking Spaceship Recordings.  WOR$HIP is the band’s tightest, most

pointed music yet, it is also arguably their most jaw-droppingly in your face. The EP is available

now on a limited release of cassettes.