" Iyez sounds like a creature that has emerged fully formed from the depths. There’s a clarity in the chaos that really makes you wonder where the fuck these songs came from. "

- EN


" When the blues, goth and psych meet, the least you can expect is a nightmarish atmosphere. That's exactly what you get with NYC's IYEZ (pronounced "eyes")... The group has just released a new EP entitled "WOR$HIP," and preview single "Sister" (streaming) is a sonic assult carried out with a wall of distorted guitars, relentless drumming, and a tense, psych/blues choral melody. The whole thing sounds as if the ghost of the proto-metal of the '60s had been awakened and administered modern drugs he didn't react too well to. "

- Deli


"IYEZ's rock and roll refuses to adhere to any specific genre. It's particularly evident in the Brooklyn band's eclectic 2013 release "Psychic Jungle," a record whose opening moments include a brooding drone giving way to a windows-down, 100mph sing along tune. The light & dark motif continues throughout the record but never to the point of becoming repetitious. Songs like "After Hours" are a foggy psychedelic dream...until you're ripped awake by the front & center searing guitar solo. There's a sense of duality in many of their tunes but it's not a struggle between the two forces. Iyez finds their serenity in the chaos.

Of course the recordings alone don't do this band justice. Their excellent live show has an incredible intensity and they're easily able to captivate a room. They effortlessly execute the same reckless abandon of their albums, but whether it be an ear-smashing drum fill, screeching feedback or an impromptu fuzzed out jam, they take the opportunity to remind us we're seeing the living incarnation of their creation. The result is ominous, but still inviting. "

- Emily Chadwick


" Psychedelia is having a huge influence on today's NYC rock scene, but there aren't that many bands able to recreate the genre's original mystical aura and semi-virtuoso performances. Enter Brooklyn's own IYEZ. "

- Deli